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Raise taxes or enforce ordinances and fines already in place?

Elk volunteer, Tari Comer, was allotted a gracious seven minutes to speak on litter at last night's city council meeting. The norm is three minutes. Tari presented her case to enforce laws and ordinances (that are already in place). The city is considering raising taxes to hire works to clean up litter. Tari's presentation included arguments that we already pay state taxes and many of Kannapolis' high litter areas should be NCDOT maintained. We need to ensure that the state is using state taxes appropriately before raising city taxes. In addition, many of that city ordinances to clean up construction sites, remove paper signs, and secure loads are not enforced. Littering is already illegal and fines are already in place. Tari asked the city to start enforcing these laws and fining the offenders before raising taxes.

The fourth Monday of every month opens the floor for comments. Residents of Kannapolis are welcome to voice their concerns at the city council meeting at the end of the month.

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