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7th time picking up Brantley Rd in 4 months

The weather gave us a break. We got five more bags off of Brantley Rd while it was a breezy 75 degrees. Fresh air, exercise, and helping the environment is a great way to spend a Saturday Morning. This was our seventh time cleaning Brantley in 4 months. Two of us have spent a total of about 14 hours removing 27 boxes, mattress, box springs, and other large debris. Brantley road is mainly clear of litter now from Cannon Blvd to the bridge over Hwy 85. We hope to clean past the bridge soon so that the full 3.3 miles can be clear of litter.

Once the full length of Brantley Rd is clear of litter our goal is to focus on maintenance and prevention.

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1 Comment

May 30, 2021

So proud of you guys!! Your commitment to this project is so inspiring!!!

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