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Sunday January 31st, 2021

Don't miss the January 31st, 2021 deadline to join the E.L.K Initiative's February 13th event. E.L.K. will be picking up litter from 1pm to 3pm on West 8th St (from Main St to Mountain St).

The good people of the Kannapolis Adopt-A-Street Program need waivers and a head count by February 1st so that they can provide supplies.

Again, you are encouraged to form your own group to pick up litter and/or adopt your own street. Margaret Young at can assist with adopting a street.

Only if you want to join Elk at the above named location do you need to sign up and sign the waiver by the deadline. You may also join future Elk events, should you wish, by signing the Adopt-A-Street waiver at a future time.

If you have any additional questions please email


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