E.L.K. Initiative Welcomes You

The E.L.K. Initiative believes in taking action to better our community.  Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in Kannapolis or wherever you live and play.  Our namesake is an acronym to eliminate litter in Kannapolis.  We will start by picking up and properly disposing of litter.  We look forward to expanding community cleanliness efforts with education, prevention, and other community improvement endeavors.  You can join us at our monthly E.L.K. events or take initiative by picking up litter in a place of need.  Please take before and after pictures and submit them to E.L.K. for public viewing.


Next Group Event

Saturday November 13th from 10 am to noon

City Rival Church is hosting this event.  Please park at 2705 Moose Rd Kannapolis NC 28083.


Come Prepared

When you volunteer with Elk you are volunteering two hours of your time.  Elk, through partnerships with the City of Kannapolis and NCDOT, will provide you with a safety vest, a pair of gloves, bags, and litter pick up tool for the event.  We will also supply some  bottled water during the event.  You can prepare by coming hydrated, wearing appropriate clothes, and sunscreen and/or protective hat.  Please keep in mind you will be walking in the grass, so old tennis shoes with high socks or boots are recommended.  Some volunteers use insect repellent spray.  Please dress in comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

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Fellow K-town citizens

Here at E.L.K. Initiative, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part to care for this area we call home.  We strive to keep property values high and taxes low, leave a legacy for future generations, and maintain an environment that refreshes the soul.  You can pick up litter on your own near you or you can join us. 

If you would like to combat litter on your own you can start with a small investment into a safety vest, gloves, and a litter pick up tool.  It is best to have a partner or small group.  Choose your area of clean up wisely.  Be mindful of traffic and weather conditions.  Do not over do it.  Safety first.

You can email us at for more info.


Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

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West 8th St

We adopted West 8th street through the Kannapolis adopt-a-street program.  We clean West 8th quarterly.  September 25th was our last clean up.  We will be back one more time in 2021.

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Education & Outreach

We have monthly group litter pick up events (with the exception of August as that is awareness month).  Our first priority is to maintain our adopted street but we also visit and clean problem streets.  In addition, we work to educate regarding the city of Kannapolis' adopt-a-street program and the NCDOT's adopt-a-highway program and litter sweep campaigns.  Our hope is to have every street and highway in Kannapolis adopted, so that we can shift gears to focus on prevention.



Partner Against Litter

Your business or church can host an event by announcing the volunteer opportunity to members, employees, and clients.  Elk volunteers will partner in picking up litter near your church or business with your group, arrange for supplies to be provided, and schedule collected litter to be removed.  Volunteers can meet in your parking lot to receive supplies for the day.

Your neighborhood or street can also be a P.A.L.  With your neighbors involvement Elk will partner as described above.  Please keep in mind that a central meeting place is needed to receive supplies and for volunteers to park.



Bringing Change

Fundraising Opportunities

We are currently hoping to raise funds for litter pick up tools.  We work with both the City of Kannapolis and the NCDOT to provide supplies for our group events (Safety vests, trash bags, gloves, litter pick up tools, and removal of collected litter).  We hope to eventually supply the litter pick up tools, safety vests, and water for volunteers through E.L.K.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have monthly group events.  Each event is two hours and supplies are provided.  We would love to help empower our volunteers and community to go beyond the group events.  We encourage our volunteers to invest in their own supplies so that they can continue to pick up litter in areas of need throughout the month.


Litter is a big problem that needs a big response.  Fortunately, there are programs already in place.  You can familiarize yourself with the opportunities available through the Adopt-a-Street program and the litter sweeps through the NCDOT.  Then you can educate your neighbors and initiate litter clean up where you live, work, worship, and play.

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The E.L.K. Initiative began on Saturday, Feb 13, 2021.  Twelve volunteers celebrated their love of the land through cold and rain.


"Initiative is doing the right thing without being told."

Victor Hugo


Ways to Help

Adopt a street or highway


Kannapolis Adopt-a-Street Program

Margaret Young

Margaret has been extremely accommodating to E.L.K.   Our partnership with the City of Kannapolis, is largely why we are able to fight against litter.  If you and/or your group would like to adopt-a-street please contact Margaret.

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NCDOT Adopt-a-Highway

Nicole Austin

Nicole is the contact for the NCDOT maintained roads in Kannapolis.  She can help you adopt-a-highway and/or participate in the Spring and Fall NCDOT litter sweeps.  Nicole and the NCDOT have also provided a valuable partnership to E.L.K.'s efforts.  Nicole can be reached at 704-983-4360 or

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